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Elisabeth Richers-Byrne302022-06-29Mayfly 2022-08-17
Julianne Mozzer302022-05-31No session bookedWait for Julianne to contact us - e-mailed and left voice message several times but no reply
Jules Furlong302022-05-30Mayfly 2022-08-16Difficult to find time to take sail (new baby etc).
Aoife Fitzgerald302022-04-17No session booked24.05.2022 - on holidays - will get in touch with us - interested in dinghy sailing
Eric Lowell 302022-03-07Mayfly 2022-08-24To sail with Alistair
Ciaran Ó Méalóid302021-12-25No session bookedTo sail with Eimear
Ciaran Ó Méalóid302021-12-25No session bookedTo sail with Eimear
Kevin Ryle302022-10-06No session bookedE-mailed 06.06.2022
David Kirk302022-07-28Mayfly 2022-08-10MF- 10.08.2022 - novice
Colin McDowell02022-07-30No session bookednew
Gavin Flaherty302022-07-31Mayfly 2022-08-14To sail with Gerry
Laura Conry302022-08-01Mayfly 2022-08-11
Sean c/o Katie Moreau302018-03-14Mayfly 2022-08-13
Katie Moreau302018-03-14Mayfly 2022-08-132 vouchers bought by Katie's father Peter Moreau in 2018
David Chawke302022-08-03Mayfly 2022-08-11new
Mitchel Russo302022-08-05Mayfly 2022-08-09new
Jessica Wilson02022-08-06Mayfly 2022-08-16new
Brigid Harney 02022-08-07No session bookednew
Carol Rogan 02022-08-07No session bookednew

Previous guests

Brian Briscoe302022-07-17Mayfly 2022-07-29MF - 21.07.2022
Brian Briscoe302022-07-17Mayfly 2022-07-21New to sailing
Jude O'Reilly302022-07-15Mayfly 2022-07-27JOINED
Nikki Olson302022-07-13Mayfly 2022-08-07MF- 07.08.2022
Robert McKinney302022-07-09No session bookedMF- 19.07.2022 - lives in US
Aidan O'Sullivan302022-07-20Mayfly 2022-07-20Paid by interbank transfer.
Thomas c/o Aidan O'Sullivan302022-07-20Mayfly 2022-07-20Paid by interbank transfer.
Claire Kilcoyne302022-07-21Mayfly 2022-08-03paid by Revolut to iBAN
Prince Malik302022-07-22Mayfly 2022-08-02
Julie Gibb302022-07-23Mayfly 2022-07-27new
Richard Lucey302022-07-24Mayfly 2022-07-27new
Paul Higgins302022-07-24Mayfly 2022-07-29JOINED
Fiona Cahill302022-07-25Mayfly 2022-07-26JOINED
Ece Basaran302022-07-28Mayfly 2022-08-03Friend of Claire Kilcoyne